Led by Metro Vancouver, “Rateourhome.ca” is an exciting new initiative that is designed to address the lack of public knowledge and access to home energy information at point of sale, construction and renovation. Through active participation and support for “Rateourhome.ca”, the City of New Westminster is looking to increase the number of energy efficient homes locally by creating consumer awareness and demand for EnerGuide home energy labels. Home energy labels tell us how energy efficient a home currently is, how efficient it can be, and how it compares to other similar homes. Additionally, energy efficient homes don’t just save you money, they have multiple benefits, including:

  • Are healthier with better indoor air quality
  • Have fewer moisture and humidity issues, such as mould and mildew
  • Are more comfortable with fewer drafts and cold spots
  • Deliver lower, more predictable energy bills and less energy waste
  • Are quieter and better insulated from outside noise
  • Have a smaller environmental footprint

To learn more about the program including the benefits for builders, realtors and consumers visit rateourhome.ca.