Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Saving energy in multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) makes good business sense. Whether your building is a rental property or strata, lower operational costs and higher efficiency buildings means not only greater property valuation but also happier occupants and a reduced environmental impact.

Rental MURBs

The City of New Westminster is collaborating with FortisBC to support local rental apartment buildings with improving their energy performance and lowering greenhouse gas emissions to reduce costs. Launched earlier this year, FortisBC’s Rental Apartment Efficiency Program is designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs in rental apartment buildings.

The Rental Apartment Efficiency Program has three (3) components:


Installation of water efficient showerheads and faucet aerators at no cost (valued at approximately $50 per unit).


Energy assessments at no cost (valued at $1,300 to $2,000).


Professional support with implementing additional efficiency upgrades (e.g. boilers) at no cost (valued at several thousands of dollars).


Benefits to landlords and tenant for participating in the Rental Apartment Efficiency Program are:

May help landlords maximize their ROI by reducing operating costs through energy and water efficient upgrades.


Makes fixture replacement and equipment upgrades easy, saving landlords and their building managers’ time and hassle.

Provides end-to-end service from an expert advisor providing landlords with objective recommendations, and a verifiable business case that will assist them to make informed investment decisions.

Visit for more information, eligibility requirements, and the application form

Strata MURBs

The City of New Westminster is collaborating with Metro Vancouver and other local municipalities to develop an energy efficiency program specific for strata buildings. Although still in design stage, the upcoming Energy Adviser Pilot Program will support stratas with renewal and retrofit projects designed to save money and improve the comfort and performance of strata buildings.

If you’re a property manager, strata unit owner or strata council member and you’re interested in participating in this pilot, please register now and add your name to our growing program wait list.

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