Empower Me

Empower Me is a free education and energy conservation program that helps diverse and multilingual communities save energy, save money, and improve the comfort and safety of their homes.

Empower Me will provide energy efficiency education and support to diverse, multilingual, and hard to reach communities in New Westminster.

Across the province, it is known that members of multilingual and multicultural communities have very low participation in energy efficiency program due to various barriers, including language, trust, and cultural differences.

Empower Me, designed for and delivered by members of diverse communities, is a free education and training program for energy conservation that can help and support those communities save energy and money, and increase the comfort and safety of their homes

With the City of New Westminster’s immigrant residents representing 37.5% of the total population (Census 2021), Energy Save New West are excited to bring Empower Me onboard for our local community. Together with Empower Me, the City will provide a new program solution that is delivered by trusted members of our hard-to-reach groups – in local communities, in homes, and in language. Empower Me will help the City successfully communicate program messages and practices to our diverse communities, ensuring equity in delivery of energy-efficiency, climate action and other important municipal activities.  

Empower Me & The City

Empower Me will assist the City with:


Increasing engagement with traditionally hard-to-reach communities in New West with information on programs, policies, and services.


Developing new relationships with local residents to broaden awareness of City initiatives and strategic priorities.


Providing improved access to City services, program incentives and rebates to support increased participation and equity.

Empower Me & Local Communities

Empower Me will assist our local communities by delivering:

Personalized advice on how to make homes safer and how to reduce energy bills


Multilingual education and informational workshops

Information on how to take advantage of government programs and rebates

2023 Events & Workshops

Empower Me will be delivering a series of online workshops and participating in local events to help the City in 2023. The program will be delivered in participant’s native language and focus on the following areas:

  • Increase understanding of home energy use and provide practical solutions designed to save energy and money.
  • Connect local residents to Energy Save New West program offerings include incentives and rebates to improve home energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Raise awareness of City services and climate action programs.

All Empower Me workshops and event are free to attend for all participants and currently being offered in Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Hindi, Tagalog, Arabic, and Farsi. 


Fill out the contact form on Empower Me’s website to be notified of upcoming workshops.

Get help with energy saving programs in your language.

How To Get Involved

To learn more about upcoming events, workshops and for more information:

Call (604) 307- 8428

Visit Empower Me Website

Email info@empowerme.ca