Energy Save New West wishes everyone a Happy New Year! 

We are deeply grateful for the continued support from our local residents and program partners. This past year, we’ve been able to achieve great success with our existing programs and new initiatives and celebrated our 1000th registration in the Existing Homes Program and 100th e-newsletter publication

As we close on 2022, we’d like to take the time to highlight some of the notable achievements from this past year as well as some of the exciting new initiatives launching next year to support our community with better program solutions to improve energy efficiency in buildings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the City of New Westminster.  

Total participants in Existing Homes program with 127 new additions in 2022.

e-News subscribers and
monthly newsletters issued.  

Heat Pump Municipal Top-Ups issued. 
 A 100% increase in local participation.

Multi-language workshops hosted by Empower Me to support equity and inclusion of hard-to-reach communities in New West. 

Registrations at the Considering a Heat Pump webinar, hosted by the City and CleanBC Better Homes.

Increased Awareness
Promoting the Province’s Clean BC Better Homes and federal government’s Greener Homes Grant to homeowners looking to access rebates for home energy upgrades. 

Properate Pilot 
Relaunched Properate to support homeowners with detailed energy upgrade costs and benefit analysis to complement EnerGuide evaluation reports. 

Total participants in New Homes program with 2 new additions in 2022. 

e-News subscribers and
monthly newsletters issued.  

Completed three (3) new home projects with Mechanical HVAC Design offers from BC Hydro and FortisBC supporting best practices in mechanical HVAC sizing, installation and commissioning. 

High performance new homes completed construction in 2022. 

Attendees to Spring & Fall Virtual Builder & Designer Breakfast events hosted by the City of New Westminster in 2022. 

Better energy performance achieved new homes built in New West compared to code-built homes.

Industry Training
New green building training support launched to assist builders and designers with accessing BCIT’s high performance building courses. 14 completed or in process of completing courses. 

Total renewable energy generated to date by the Urban Solar Garden arrays located at the Queensborough Community Centre & City Public Works Yard. 

Mysa smart thermostats sold during the Spring & Fall Campaigns with total estimated annual energy saving of 28,320 to 45,120+ kWh. 

Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
Rental Apartment Efficiency Program outreach completed with 21 rental apartments and hotels receiving FREE energy upgrades and technical support for building upgrades. 

Enhanced Communication
Local residents’ engagement significantly improved through utilization of City’s social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

New Resources
Website updated with new high performance home case studies. E-newsletters updated to feature a “Knowledge Sharing” series for homeowner and builder/designer education. 

In the new year, we’ll be announcing our new program solutions to increase participation, deliver deeper energy reductions, and support City of New Westminster program/policy objectives. Please stay tuned! 

On behalf of the City of New Westminster, we want to thank everyone again for your continued support and best wishes for 2023!