Energy Save New West wishes everyone a Happy New Year! 

Thanks again to everyone in the local community supporting Energy Save New West.  We celebrated our 10th Anniversary this year and this would not have been possible without everyone’s support. 

Building on these milestones, we’re excited for the opportunity to continue to provide program solutions and new support in 2024, including:

  • Homeowner webinar on “Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Rebates” in February with a focus on local projects, and whole home approaches to achieve improved energy-efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions.
  • Local case studies on heat pump retrofits sharing best practices in equipment selection, installation, and working with contractors.
  • Heat pump noise guide to support heat pump outdoor unit placement and design/installation strategies to minimize noise. 
  • Spring 2024 Builder & Designer Breakfast event to support increased capacity in green building.
  • Website updates including new resources, layout and design.

Please stay tuned to Energy Save New West’s website and e-newsletter for the latest program news and offers.

ESNW Existing Homes 2023

Total participants in Existing Homes program with 100 new additions in 2023.

e-News subscribers and
12 monthly newsletters issued.  

The 14 participants who completed post-upgrade energy
evaluations in 2023 achieved an average of:

Energy Savings

GHG Emissions Reductions

Heat Pump Municipal Top-Ups issued. 

A 150% increase in local participation. A total of 102 top-up rebates issued.

Multi-language workshops hosted by Empower Me
to support equity and inclusion of hard-to-reach communities in New West. A new electric vehicle (EV) workshop launched this year with 200+ participants attending both the standard and EV workshops in 2023. Empower Me also helped local multi-cultural communities with Summer Heat Preparedness information.

New West participants in FortisBC’s Deep Energy Retrofit Pilot.
This initiative is designed to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50%. The Deep Energy Retrofit Pilot objective is to uncover “how low can you go” towards net zero emissions with natural gas as primary heating and domestic hot water source.

Registrations at the Considering a Heat Pump webinar, hosted by the City and CleanBC Better Homes.

Increased Awareness
Promoting program updates and latest incentives from BC Hydro, FortisBC, Province of BC’s Clean BC Better Homes and federal government’s Greener Homes Grant and Greener Homes Loan to homeowners looking to access rebates for home energy upgrades.

Properate Pilot
Relaunched Properate to support homeowners with detailed energy upgrade costs and benefit analysis to complement EnerGuide evaluation reports. This year, 30 homeowners participated in the Properate Pilot.

Total participants in New Homes program with 2 new additions in 2022. 

e-News subscribers and
monthly newsletters issued.  

High performance new homes completed construction in 2023.

New Home Projects in design or construction stage

Better energy performance achieved new homes built in New West compared to code-built homes.

Average GHG Reduction

Better Airtightness  
(avg. 2.13 ACH @50 Pa) versus industry average

Attendees to Spring & Fall Virtual Builder & Designer Breakfast events hosted by the City of New Westminster in 2023.

The Fall event was our first in-person event in 3 years!

Industry Training
5 local building industry professionals accessed program subsidies to BCIT’s high performance building courses that support up-skilling in green building design and construction.

Total renewable energy generated to date by the Urban Solar Garden solar arrays located at the Queensborough Community Centre & City Public Works Yard.

Air conditioning units installed in the City of New Westminster this past summer as part of the BC Hydro / FortisBC Energy Conservation Assistance Program.

Applications submitted to the Energy Conservation Assistance Program in the community member’s language of choice with support from Empower Me & the City.

Smart Thermostat
Mysa campaign launched in December 2023 with new Mysa lite technology.

Increased Awareness
Promotion of City’s Summer Heat Preparedness information, programs, and incentives for air conditioning to local residents.  

Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP)
Supported City efforts to promote the updated CEEP Plan 2050.  This included industry engagement and input on updated Energy Step Code and Zero Carbon Step Code requirements adopted on December 11, 2023

On behalf of the City of New Westminster, we want to thank everyone again for your continued support and best wishes for 2024!