On May 27, the federal government announced the launch of the new Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative for existing home energy efficiency retrofits, and in collaboration with Energy Adviser service providers, ESNW is looking at how we can integrate this new incentive program into our current program offerings and services.

With the Greener Homes Grant and CleanBC Better Homes programs, eligible homeowners can stack the incentives onto each other to maximize their rebates.

For the Greener Homes Grant, existing homeowners can qualify up to $5,000 in rebate for deep energy retrofits and up to another $600 for the cost of pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations. Under the CleanBC Better Homes program, eligible homeowners can access up to $14,800, plus applicable municipal top-ups, and bonus offers. Altogether, they can add up to over $21,000 in rebate! 

Please note that to be eligible for Greener Homes Grant you must:

  • Complete a pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation
  • Complete at least one retrofit that is both eligible and recommended by your energy advisor in the report
  • Provide and keep copies of all your documents until March 31, 2028

You will also need to:

  • Provide proof of ownership of your home
  • Demonstrate the property is your primary residence

It is important to note that you will not be reimbursed for the pre-retrofit evaluation unless you continue through the full Greener Homes Grant process.  Additionally, all retrofits and EnerGuide evaluations completed prior to December 1, 2020 are not eligible for reimbursement.  Separately, newly built homes that are 6 months old or less, based on the date of occupancy by the first homeowner are also not eligible for the grant.

The full eligibility criteria and grant requirements for Greener Homes Grant can be found on the NRCan Canada Greener Homes Grant website, and for any questions about the CleanBC Better Homes rebates, call an Energy Coach on 1-844-881-9790 or contact CleanBC via webform. 

Local residents should also stay tuned to ESNW for more updates on the federal interest-free loans up to $40,000 to support energy upgrade projects.