Energy Save New West is excited to announce our “Consumer Video on High Performance New Homes” has been released.

This animated digital video is the first of three installments that Energy Save New West is developing to raise awareness and educate Consumers, Builders and Architects/Designers on the benefits of building a high performance home versus conventional new home construction.

Key messages incorporated into the series are:

  • Demystify and provide awareness on the options of services and solutions to support better home building (from energy/functionality decision-making perspective).
  • Highlight key process differences and resources involved in construction of a high performance new home and contrast this with conventional home building.
  • Summarize the opportunity and potential interventions through the design/build process to construct a home that is built to a better than code minimum standard.
  • Clarify the diversity of benefits when taking a more evolved approach to the energy/functionality components of the home.

These videos will be foundational elements incorporated into our Green Building Kiosk initiative that we’re developing as part of our High Performance New Home program.

Special thanks to BC Hydro and Fortis BC for your support with this video series!

Please stay tuned to Energy Save New West as we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks the release of additional installments developed specifically for Builders and Architects/Designers.

Also, if you have any new ideas or feedback on our digital videos, please do not hesitate to reach out and provide us your thoughts via email.