Energy Save New West is pleased to announce the launch of the Empower Me initiative in the City of New Westminster.  Established in 2012, Empower Me is Canada’s only energy conservation and education change program designed for and delivered by members of diverse, multilingual, and hard to reach communities.  Empower Me focuses on newcomers to Canada by delivering important information, resources and tools designed to help save energy, save money and improve the comfort and safety of their homes.

With the City of New Westminster’s immigrant residents representing 35% of the total population, Energy Save New West is excited to bring a new program solution that is delivered by trusted members of these groups – in local communities, in homes, and in language.  Empower Me will help the City successfully communicate program messages and practices to our diverse communities, ensuring equity in delivery of energy-efficiency, climate action and other important municipal activities.

For this upcoming year, Empower Me will be delivering a series of workshops and participating in local events to help the City:

  • Increase understanding of home energy use and provide practical solutions designed to save energy and money.
  • Connect local residents to Energy Save New West program offerings include incentives and rebates to improve home energy-efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Raise awareness of City services and climate action programs.

Stay connected to Energy Save New West and Empower Me for announcements on upcoming workshops being hosted online!