In collaboration with Lambda Science, ESNW is excited to announce the launch of our new pilot program, “Properate.” 

Until now, the City has been offering homeowners a subsidy to get an EnerGuide energy evaluation at a reduced cost, but now with this new Properate service, you will get even more comprehensive information on how to plan and get the best value out of your energy retrofits. 

While EnerGuide evaluation provides a visual evaluation, blower door testing for air leakage, home energy rating, and a customized report summarizing potential energy upgrade opportunities for homeowners, Properate service assists homeowners with customized cost analyses to identify optimal energy-saving opportunities. Here is how it works!

Once registered and approved, prior to the EnerGuide evaluation, homeowners will be provided with a preliminary Properate assessment report outlining an overview of the costs and benefits of home energy renovations. Once the EnerGuide home evaluation has been completed, along with a full set of EnerGuide reports, we will also provide you with a full Properate report outlining the following with more accurate data and cost analyses: 

  • Energy Upgrade Pathway Options (if applicable) 
  • Renovation Cost 
  • Property Value Increase 
  • Operational Cost Savings 
  • Greenhouse Gas Savings 
  • Rebate Strategy    

This new service will only be available to twenty (20) new eligible ESNW Existing Homes program participants for FREE on a first-come-first-served basis. View a sample Properate report.

Please note that Properate service will only be available for free to those who have not completed a pre-upgrade EnerGuide evaluation through ESNW, and Existing Homes program registration is also required. Participants will need to pay a $75 upfront fee for an EnerGuide evaluation, but this cost can be fully reimbursed through the CleanBC Pre-Upgrade EnerGuide Home Evaluation Rebate program

REGISTER NOW, and don’t miss out on this incredible offer!