Residential Application: Terms & Conditions

Program Summary: Energy Save New West (ESNW) is community-based energy program designed to improve the energy-efficiency of homes in the City of New Westminster.  The program works in collaboration with BC Hydro and FortisBC to help make it easier for homeowners to take advantage of incentives available for implementing energy efficient products and measures in the home.

Program Details: Details of the ESNW program are subject to change without prior notice.  All services and incentives to be provided under ESNW are subject to availability of funds and will be provided on a first come, first served or priority basis as determined by City of New Westminster in its sole discretion.

Eligibility Requirements: The eligibility requirements for ESNW residential program are:

  • Participants own a single-detached, duplex home, or townhouse in the City of New Westminster.
  • Participants are interested in improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Participant: The person accepting these terms and conditions is the Participant and certifies that he/she is eligible for the ESNW program and has full authority to execute the application and accept the terms and conditions on behalf of all applicants.  These terms and conditions shall apply to all applicants.

Rebates: Participant acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility to ensure the correct and eligible products or measures are installed along with submission of required application forms if the intention is to receive an eligible rebate.

Energy Assessment: Participant consents to the Certified Energy Advisor sharing a copy of the initial home energy assessment report and optional survey results with the ESNW program including Program Coordinator.  The Participant further agrees to provide the ESNW program with information related to the specific products or measures installed in the Property under the ESNW program and their associated costs.

Utility Data: Participant agrees that ESNW and/or its Representatives may access Participant’s electric and/or gas utility usage data for a period of twelve months before and after completing the installation of energy efficient products or measures, in order to assist with the evaluation of the ESNW program.

Permits & Inspections: The Participant is responsible for obtaining any required building, electrical and/or gas permits or ensuring that the contractor(s) have done so.  The Participant shall further be responsible to ensure that the installation of products or measures meets applicable requirements of the British Columbia Building Code and applicable bylaws and is acceptable to inspection authorities.

Disclaimer & No Liability: It is understood that City of New Westminster does not make any warranty, expressed or implied, of any products or measures that have been completed, installed, or claimed for the ESNW program.  The City of New Westminster has no liability concerning:

  1. The quality, safety, and/or installation of the products or measures.
  2. The estimated energy savings of the products or measures.
  3. The workmanship of any third parties.
  4. The installation or use of the products or measures.

No Endorsement: The City of New Westminster does not endorse any particular manufacturer, product/measure or contractor. The fact that the names of particular manufacturers, product/measure or contractors may appear on ESNW program related documentation does not constitute an endorsement. Manufacturers, products/measures, or contractors not mentioned are not implied to be unsuitable in any way.

Heritage Properties: In the event the Property has heritage designation, it is the sole responsibility of the Participant to ensure compliance with any applicable municipal bylaws and/or provincial and federal legislative and other requirements relating to heritage properties.  Properties listed on City of New Westminster Heritage Register  are encouraged to refer to the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada (2nd Ed.) when considering materials and scope of work.  Please contact Development Services and Sustainability  for further information.

Emission Credits: Participant agrees that ESNW/City of New Westminster has the right to claim any emission reduction (greenhouse gas) credits that may result from the installation of any energy efficient products or measures by the Participant or his/her contractor(s) at any Property under the ESNW program.

Photo Release: Participant authorizes ESNW or its agents to take photographs of Participant and Participant’s family, home and the energy efficiency products or measures and gives permission to ESNW to use and publish the collected photographs and information concerning the Participant’s project.

Media Contact: Participant is willing to be contacted by members of the media about the Participant’s ESNW project.